A teachers road to excellence: de 24 uurs sessie


It starts with me!

Just as active citizenship, responsible parenthood or any other voluntary, but crucial association in a community, responsibility starts with individuals. Based on trust that everyone takes their responsibility and are willing to share their energy, time and resources to make the society a better social organisation; individuals are key to a successful collaboration within any network or association. Trust is the glue that binds these individuals together; and their willingness to work as a team is further cemented by the feeling that individuals can trust each other and in the system in which they operate.

leergang 4 (2)

An Honours teacher carries this important message. It all starts with me! ‘Me’ as a teacher, ‘me’ as a student, ‘me’ as a community member. This owning of the process does not necessarily mean that the teacher is carrying the full weight of solving students or colleagues problems, but it is a belief that if ‘it’ all starts with me and if all members accept this responsibility then we can achieve more as organisation or association. Being an honours teacher or student means that there is no one ‘good’ way to success; it is a journey in search of excellence. Excellence in all facets: creativity, inspiration, open mindedness, achieving full potential in a bounded freedom environment, taking responsibility, taking ownership of the learning process, etc., etc. Consequently what we want to achieve within the honours programme is the excellence which manifests itself in many different ways and that there is no one way to reach that excellence.

Deze blog is geschreven door de deelnemers aan de leergang: A teachers road to excellence tijdens de kick off van de leergang. Gedurende 24 uur maken deelnemers een flitsende start met hun docent professionalisering in het Drentse Zeegse. 

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